ATE: Automated Test Engineer


Positions: Junior, Senior

Job description:
- Develop ATE test programs for debug, characterization, qualification and production of SoC devices.

- 3 years relevant working experience and in depth knowledge of semiconductor testing process.
- Solid understanding of high speed digital and analog circuits, design for test and manufacturing concepts.
- Expertise in Semiconductor Test Methodology, using 93k or similar ATE equipment.
- Experience working with Digital, Mixed Signal, and SOC Devices with hands on ATE experience.
- Strong Programming skills for writing and debugging test programs and HW related issues.
- Ability to program with Scripting languages (i.e. Perl) and high level languages (i.e. C/C or Visual Basic.).
- Able to work with test equipment (i.e. VNA, DCA, Oscilloscope, etc.).

- Develop and document test plan for new product.
- Work with DFT and design teams to evaluate new product testability.
- Design and debug test SW & HW for Production, Characterization & Reliability.
- Work with DFT and design teams to debug new silicon.
- Bring quality and cost effective test solution for mass production.
- Coordinate test related activities with both internal and external group.