Quality / Reliability Engineer


1)     Lead quality planning & process for existing and new production IC-chipsets to customers

2)     Lead product audit and track action effect to ensure high-yield, low-failure rate production ICs

3)     Establish quality documentation for incoming inspection, final audit, process inspection, update when product and process changes are required as improvement. 

4)     Prioritize improvement efforts through the application of quality tools, enhance the SPC (Statistical Process Control) data collection system to process control. 

5)     Responsible for supplier quality management and problem solving

6)     Lead the internal and external quality problem analysis and solution

8)     Support the implementation and maintenance of the ISO9001 system 



1)     Bachelor/Master's degree in electrical engineering

2)     At least 3 years’ experience in quality engineering of chip industry

3)     Strong communication in English and Chinese

4)     Familiar with ISO9000 series and can use different QC tools

5)     Proactive, anti-pressure and good team cooperation spirit