Signal Integrity / High-Frequency Package Design Engineer

Positions: Junior/Senior

 Job Description:
- This job will evaluate, characterize, and design high-speed signal routing for our next-generation SoCs.  Job requirements include
characterizing loss, crosstalk, insertion loss, and other attributes at 10+ GHz frequencies.  Simulations, test characterization,
and package design encompass chip-to-package, package-to-PCB, PCB-to-module, and across electrical/optical cables.
Other related tasks include power-supply routing and bypassing, equalization and ISI mitigation, jitter and noise minimization.

- Master's degree with minimum 2 years’ experience as signal integrity, high-frequency modeling engineer.
- Experience and understanding of impedance matching, crosstalk, equalization, noise processes, phase noise, 10+ GHz performance.
- High-speed EM simulations, such as HFSS, ADS, and other related 2.5D/3D field solvers.
- Desired: previous experience with basic IC design, PCB prototyping, IC testing.
- Desired: High-level system programming, such as C/C++, python/Perl, LabView, Matlab.
- Desired: Lab experience using oscilloscopes, signal/pattern generators, BERT, spectrum analyzer, AWG, BERT, TDR/TDT.
- Preferred: Experience with high-speed optical testing, including BERT, eye mask, jitter, optical coupling, etc.